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A vital part of running a transport operation

Tachograph Analysis and Management is not just paying for a system, or using a bureau then the work is done? This will need a solid player in the company to continuously manage infringements through processes and procedures. After trailing different systems, the team have found that analysing your own tachographs are the most effective way of having control over driver infringements and hours.

We use a system called Tachomaster and boast that this is easily the best system on the market. We conduct on site training for this system, as well as implementation and 24/7 support whenever required.

(Office hours FOC – Out of hours will incur a surcharge)

Tachomaster holds a huge range of different reports that are useful to every operator. On site training will consist of nominating a “Super-User” for onsite and liaising directly with them. If this is not the nominated TM, then all reports can be emailed, and an overview report can be presented weekly to the TM by the superuser.

We can supply all tachograph supplies needed, such as downloading devices, charts, digi-rolls, PPE and much more!

Tachograph Analysis & Management Implementation – £250 + VAT
Monthly Support – £100 + VAT (Out of hours support will be an extra charge)
Ongoing overview and management of drivers and vehicles

  • £5.00 p/week per vehicle
  • £3.50 p/week per driver

The above will include all the following reports and any others tailored to the company:

  • Missing Mileage (Monthly)
  • Linked Days (Bi-Monthly)
  • Lead In/Out Report (Bi-Monthly)
  • Infringement Letters (Weekly)
  • Management Report (Monthly)
  • Last Card Readings (Weekly)
  • Last Vehicle Readings (Weekly)
  • Working Time Directive Summary (Weekly)

We can also provide you with all your tachograph supplies and extremely competitive prices! This can range from PPE, downloading devices, digi tacho rolls and much more!

Tachograph Equipment & Supplies

When running your transport operation you must purchase tachograph download equipment. Such as:

– Driver Card Downloader
– Digi VU Downloader

This information will then need to be analyzed for driver compliance and vehicle usage and utilization. At Bridge Transport Management we like to use our preferred supplier for equipment such as Tachomaster because of the great standard of the kit they supply. Bridge Transport Management can supply any paperwork needed such as driver activity sheets, defect sheets, driver check sheets, random spot check sheets and much more.

If for whatever reason we can walk through, step by step how to use equipment, what is required, what needs to be recorded and analyzed. Starting from a brand new operator to seasoned transport professionals unsure of new upcoming legislation. Please get in touch!