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What is an O’License? Does this apply to me?

When you were issued with your operator licence, you signed and agreed to abide by the undertakings below. Not doing so can result in serious consequences.

Have a read of the below, and if there are any that you don’t believe you are managing correctly, then you need to give us a call!


  • The laws relating to the driving and operation of vehicles used under this licence are observed.
  • The rules on drivers’ hours and Tachographs are observed, and proper records are kept and that they are stored, also that records are readily available on request
  • To ensure vehicles and trailers are not overloaded
  • That all vehicles operator within speed limits
  • To ensure drivers promptly report any defects that could prevent the safe operation of the vehicle or trailer and that all defects are recorded in writing.
  • To ensure all vehicles and trailers, including hired vehicles and trailers are kept in a fit and serviceable condition.
  • To ensure you are keeping full records for a 15 month period for all drivers reports of defects, safety inspections, routine maintenance and repairs to vehicles.
  • All these records need to be available on request.
  • In respect of each operating centre specified, that the number of vehicles and number trailers kept there will not exceed the maximum number authorised at each operating centre. (Which will be noted on the licence).
  • An unauthorised operating centre is not used in any traffic area.
  • You will inform the traffic commissioner against yourself, company, business partners, company directors and nominated transport manager/s named on the application.
  • That you will ensure that you will notify the traffic commissioner of any changes within 28 days, EG: proposed changes to maintenance arrangements. A change in the financial status of the licence holder (Liquidation etc) or a change to the limited company status or partnership that may affect the licence.


Your transport manager will also have certain undertakings. This is the same for external and internal TM’s.

There are statutory documents released by the Traffic Commissioners which a great tool to keep up to date with, because this is what the Office of the Traffic Commissioner expects.

The Application Process

All applicants have to meet a set out criteria as follows:

  • Type of Licence Applying for
  • ​Maintenance Agreements
  • Control of drivers hours, records and overloading
  • Suitability of operating centre
  • Financial Standing

An operator must also tell the Traffic Commissioner of all notifiable offences. This is included in the GV79 (Application for HGV Operator Licence). This will include such as the director of the company to the licence holder and others specified such as the nominated transport manager as well. There are guides to each of the forms so they can be filled out in full and competently. If not then they will be sent back or rejected due to incorrect information. Having to amend an application will prolong an already long process in applying for an operator licence. We at Bridge Transport Management do offer guidance to apply for an operator licence for a fixed fee. An interim licence can be applied for but you cannot operate just because you have applied for an interim, your interim must be granted before you begin to operate. The fixed fees for application are as below (these do not include application costs to the OTC (Office of the Traffic Commissioner)

Restricted Licence


National Licence


International Licence


Interim Licence


Free Interim Licence Application with any application

Free application if Bridge Transport Management supply your nominated Transport Manager

*£50 per month fee applies to all applications including free application offer upon the confirmation of the Traffic Commissioners decision on the application*