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OCRS – Operator Compliance Risk Score

An OCRS score is divided up into the following scoring bands:
– Green Operator
– Amber Operator
– Red Operator
– Grey Operator

If you’re a vehicle operator, your drivers might be stopped at the roadside by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) for vehicle inspections. DVSA uses the Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) system to decide which vehicles should be inspected. So the likely hood of being stopped and be inspected is all down to how compliant and less “risky” you are as an operator. There are calculations and factors which effect your score which are all available on the link below.

Vehicle Maintenance Agreements

A part of the operator criteria is the maintenance of your vehicle(s) you operate. This will include keeping within the stated periodic maintenance inspections on your operator licence, keeping your vehicle road worthy with daily walk round checks. Having a defect reporting and filing method incorporated and in good shape will keep you compliant and easy to manage. Below is a link to the “Guide to Roadworthiness” and a video of how a thorough vehicle check is conducted and all of the components that need to be managed and serviced properly to keep yourself and others safe on the public highway.