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Consultancy Support

All logistics companies, whether they are a solo driver haulier to a large PLC blue chip company all have their weaknesses, pitfalls and parts which haemorrhage cash because certain aspects of their company is not managed or monitored correctly or at all. We have systems in place that allow you to manage costs from the staff you employ to the systems you use and pay for every day. Some may need further training in their role to become more efficient and qualified in the job they are enrolled to do. Some companies will pay for systems such as tachograph analysis, maintenance management and much more, most do not get their full potential out of them. We offer the following as well:

  • Transport Manager Training (CPD & Other)
  • Tachograph Management & Analysis
  • Maintenance Vendor Compliance
  • External Auditing

There are 4 levels of audit available; the first 3 listed would take the form of a site visit to the customer to complete a pc based question set, and would require the attendance of the person responsible for the vehicle operation and maintenance. The final report would be emailed to the customer 2-3 days later.


1/ Maintenance Arrangements & Drivers Hours

Full day audit which meets the guidelines to go in front of the Traffic Commissioner.  £900 + VAT


2/ Maintenance Arrangements & Drivers Hours

¾ day audit for a fleet of 3 vehicles or less, which meets the guidelines to go in front of the TC. £700 + VAT


3/ Maintenance Arrangements – Lite

½ day audit for internal purposes, quality monitoring etc, not for submission to the TC. £350 + VAT


4/ Self-assessment

Sent to the customer as an excel programme for self-completion. The completed form is emailed back to BridgeStep for creation of the final report. The report enables the customer to identify whether they need further assistance from Bridge Transport Management. The self-assessment costs £200, however as an introductory offer the customer can claim this back if agreeing a programme of further compliance support with Bridge Transport Management.

The above costs include travel up to 100 miles from the Bridge Transport Management base. Above that distance we would need to charge a fee to cover travel and accommodation.

Our costs are extremely competitive and highly comprehensive, conducted by a number of different qualified staff from the BTM team.