North West, UK Office
North West, UK Office
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CheckPro App

Are you lacking with driver compliance?
Would you benefit in remote driver management tools?
Are your drivers not conducting their daily duties?

At Bridge Transport Management, we believe that driver daily walk round checks should not just be a “Box Ticking” exercise. So this is why we have invested in using the CheckPro app!

This app can be totally custom to the requirements of your fleet. Questions can be added, amended and tailored to your specific needs.

All reports are then uploaded online for the operator to see the drivers checks and that they have been conducted properly.

Our App

With this app, reports can be viewed as above on the management system online. Such as the one above, the driver MUST take a picture for specific questions before they can continue to the next question.

This now stops the “Box Ticking” and forces physical checks.

Any other information required, please give us a call and or arrange a consultation on how this could benefit your operation!

Prices: £1.50 per asset (Vehicle/Trailer)

All prices are subject to VAT.