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Accident/Incident Investigations

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Accident/Incident Investigations

Investigating accidents is something that is looked over far too often and only brought up with insurers and having them complete their accidents packs. But do you train your drivers what to do in the event of an accident?
Do you have front facing dash cams?

Do you have bump cards for the drivers in the event of an accident?
Do the drivers know to take pictures of a scene?
No matter how small the collision, all must be reported.
You also need to show that you’ve investigated whether an incident is due to driver negligence? If so, have you had them re-assessed? Have you had them trained prior to the incident?
What has been done after the fact?
Do you have a D&A testing policy in place?
Do you have an accident procedure in place?

All these questions should be easily answered. You must show you have investigated an incident fully, find the cause, show what’s been done after the fact and how there are control measures to stop them happening again.

This type of service can save you time, money and a headache when it comes down to fact finding whenever needed.